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MG Sports is a local company which builds customized discount products, specific for each individual team. We remove all stress from coaches, boosters and team parents by running all aspects of the fundraiser from start to finish. We offer a no risk, no cost fundraiser for your teams as well as incentives for the athletes.


These plastic flash and save discount cards are a huge success for many of our teams. The value of the card is up to each individual program or school. The $20 or $10 card has key tags which can easily be placed on your car keys while the card can be placed in your wallet or purse. We build each card specifically for your program by customizing deals for merchants in and around your town. The card is a flash and save, offering deals that are good every day for a full year! The value of the card is priceless and we can place your team logo and game schedule on the front and back of the card! 





The tear off, turn in discount ticket ranges from having $120 - $350 in value! The ticket is built with your input on what merchants you want taking part. The ticket offers a variety of deals that are more popular than the multiple use cards since it is a one-time use only. We will also place your logo and game schedule on the front and back of the ticket!


cookie fundraising

This fundraiser is unlike any other frozen fundraisers you might have dealt with in the past. This program offers a great quality product as well as an easy delivery process. We have everything organized and sorted ahead of time so all you have to do is pick up. This fundraiser is easy and tasty! The items range in price value and come frozen. This is a go to fundraiser for many teams every year. 


subway fundraising

The Subway fundraiser is a great, quick and easy fundraiser for your program. This ticket sells for a low price of $10 and has deals that are valid at most Subway locations across the state of NH. Subway is a great sub shop located in so many towns that parents and teams can grab on the go! We also offer subs for the kids when we either kick off or end the fundraiser.

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