MG Sports is a local company which builds customized discount products, specific for each individual team. We remove all stress from coaches, boosters and team parents by running all aspects of the fundraiser from start to finish. We offer a no risk, no cost fundraiser for your teams as well as incentives for the athletes. 


MG Sports Discount Card- This product has multiple-use discounts, which the customer can use every day for a full year. These discounts can range from dollars off a purchase to free appetizers. This product can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year.




 MG Sports Discount Ticket

A tear off, turn in coupon. This product has 12- 20 Merchants with 2- 4 discounts each. Each discount is typically worth $5- $20. The ticket sells for $20 and has $200-$450 worth of savings, which are good for one year.